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Gabriel's Inferno

And so, dear readers, I've bought a copy of Gabriel's Inferno from Waterstone's. I'm not into romance, but as there was a great deal of hype and since there was Renaissance art mentioned, I thought I'd check it out. One of the reasons I read Fifty Shade was to parody it. (Yes, masochist I am). One fellow blogger said she read the Twilight series despite despising it. I hate to say it, but even Twilight has a more complicated plot than 50 Shades. (With numerous covens, and stuff I"ve never read).

Also, I've spent so many hours reading for free in Waterstone's it would only be right to buy something. I know there's that biography on Shelley, and on Coleridge too, but then I'd been curiously asking whether Inferno was in stock and it never was, so I might as well order a copy. I could have saved the money and gone to Amazon but then I've saved so much reading many novels for free. Like the complete von Igelfeld novellas by Alexander McCall Smith(they're really funny). 

The author is an anonymous Canadian called Sylvain Reynard (translated it's supposed to be Woodland Fox). He or she wrote it as fanfiction originally as Sebastien Robichaud but I suspect it is a she - it is after all a bestselling romance novel.

I've read a little preview on Scribd, and while it didn't really fascinate or interest me, it was still better-written than Twilight and 50 Shades. I suspect the author might be an academic. So I shall keep you informed on whether you ought to read the Gabriel's Inferno series or not.
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